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Welcome to the first online European Gastronomy Club, offering its members exclusive and refined food products, wines, tableware and services.

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Why ?

 You are a gastronomy enthusiast like we are
You enjoy sharing your refined sense of quality and taste
You like to cook and/or recommend fine foods
You have a group of friends and associates who would be interested in our Club

You would be interested in worthwhile financial incentives, including product discounts


Your commitment :

Share the Gastronomie House offerings with your friends and associates
Host tastings with the support of the Gastronomie House team
Collect orders and make deliveries to friends and associates


Our commitment :

Your network of friends and associates will belong to you
Our web site will recognize and personalize your circle of friends and associates
We will support your efforts with product sheets, technical information and personalized services
We will invite you to workshops and other special events in your area
Easy online support:  Orders, deliveries and invoicing.



please inquire through our "contact" page for more info and details