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Welcome to the first online European Gastronomy Club, offering its members exclusive and refined food products, wines, tableware and services.

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The Club Spirit

Our Mission

Share our passion for gastronomy
Select products with the utmost attention to uncompromising quality
Promote healthy foods
Engage producers directly
Create a true partnership with our producers
Secure the benefits of favorable prices and conditions
Provide pairing recommendations and recipes for each of our offerings
Offer free membership without obligation
Guarantee delivery direct to a member’s designated address
Maintain complete and secure confidentiality


Why become a member?

First of all, to share the pleasure of our sublime obsession
Enjoy the guarantee of receiving exquisite delicacies
Take part in our gastronomy events
Discover original high quality products
Rediscover the real taste and flavours of well-known products
Pool resources to secure competitive prices from producers and unique services


The benefits of our Club

Take advantage of our special selections based on quality, originality and taste
Personal access to our exclusive offers, both ongoing and seasonal
Profit from our recommendations, recipes and in-depth product information
Secure the advantage of a “good deal”
Take delivery any place you may choose