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Home > Technical sheet > Baking Ceramic: healthy, anti-follower, design and dietetics

Baking Ceramic: healthy, anti-follower, design and dietetics

The line ceramic Cookut alloys design, technology, tradition and ecology.

Its surface ceramic, indoors and outside, assures you a healthy and anti-close-fitting baking, exempt from potentially damaging subjects as PFOA or PTFE. Cookut is the only producer to offer a surface ceramic also in l 'extérieur of the frying pan for a very easy washing.


1 - revetement ceramic anti-follower

2 - undercoat ceramic

3 - heart in cast iron d 'aluminium

4 - undercoat ceramic

5 - revetement ceramic distributor of warmth





The heart of the frying pan in cast iron of aluminium " in ancient " was optimized to give the best conditions of heat possibles. 90 % of frying pans on the market is acquired there " warping " simply a sheeting d 'aluminium of 2 mm in thickness. The frying pan Cookut is fabricated by running of l 'aluminium liquidate in a mould: it allows a frying pan d 'obtenir in cast iron d 'une 5 mm thickness guaranteeing an optimum baking and the best resistance to warmth in time. The frying pan remains very light thanks to l 'alliage d 'aluminium used.

Approved by a large majority both by the professional cooks and by the amateurs of kitchen, the frying pan myPan ceramic present of numerous advantages:

  • Work on all fires: induction, gas, ceramic, electrical
  • No damaging chemical component, not of PFOA, not PTFE
  • Lightness for an easy manipulation (only 1 kg)
  • special Anti-sticking
  • extremely resistant to streaks
  • Surface ceramic internal and outside easy to clean
  • Heart in cast iron d 'aluminium of 5 mm d 'épais " in l 'ancienne "
  • High conduction of warmth, baking with weak energy
  • Requires not or few fat compared with other frying pans
  • Process of manufacture with weak program of CO2
  • Smart design
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