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"Bourbon" Wild peper syrop


It is the interesting alliance of a syrup of sugar with some black pepper Bourbon of Madagascar.


The softness of syrup contrasts with notes wooded and released from some pepper.
It is slightly prickly.




It is remarkable in a salad of fruits, a stewed fruit of pears, on a duck breast of grilled duck or a fried foie gras.


Fried foie gras using Syrup of Pepper and pink Berries

  • 4 edges of liver of crude duck of 2 cm in thickness
  • 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar of walnut
  • 2 tablespoonfuls of syrup of pepper
  • 12 Flower cerneaux of walnut
  • 200 gr of washed lamb's lettuce
  • of salt
  • pink Berries

Colour the edges of liver in a hot poële two minutes on each side.
If livers were productive a lot of grease to abolish in a good party.
Deglaze with vinegar and salt then add the syrup of pepper.
On every plate to make a small heap of lamb's lettuce and to put a liver with side and three cerneaux of walnut.
Water the whole with the sauce of deglazing.
Intersperse some pink berries on plates and serve immediately.

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