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ceramic knives


The Ceramic:
A food guarantee d 'hygiène

The advantages of the ceramic knifes

  • The blades of knifes and attachments of ceramic kitchen are composed d 'oxyde of zirconium. This technical ceramic with high performances is especially used in l 'aérospatiale, medical genius, as well as in electronic and motorized industries.
  • The ceramic allows to acquire a blade very light, extremely hard, heatproof, in corrosion and in acids.
  • The sharp side of the ceramic blades lasts 10 times longer than steel.
  • The ceramic blades do not rust.
  • They give neither taste nor smell in l 'aliment. (no transfer d 'ions therefore not d 'influence failure on taste nor risk of pollution of food).
  • The delicacy of the thickness of the blade, the light and easy knife is productive to be manipulated.
  • The light suppleness of the blade reduces practically to zero the risk of breakage.


Little d 'inconvénients


The ceramic does not replace your knifes in metal, it is supplementary for certain manners.

FRAGILITY - Hardness does not mean unbreakable. The ceramic knifes are not intended to cut hard food as the frozen food, bones, or all that n 'est not easily tranchable (hard cheeses portray Parmesan for instance)

The Gastronomie House has this producer selectionné as his expression " magical " of composition in his ceramic which confers on him a certain " suppleness " making it almost unbreakable in case of fall!

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