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Home > Technical sheet > Combava in zest and in powder

Combava in zest and in powder


The combava is a round, dark green fruit of the family of citrus fruit. They use the whole zest or in powder, pulp is very sour.


The combava conjugates perfumes of verveine citronella, of ginger and coriander.
His taste is sour and lightly bitter.




By its lemon-flavoured taste, the combava gets married very well to sauces or accompagnants juices the products of the sea.
It will raise white meats in a original manner, a rizotto or even a cream "brûlée".

Using recipe Combava and Adds pepper to white "Bourbon"

grilled Bar and its sparkling butter in Combava

  • A 1 kg bar
  • 2 Juices of 1⁄2 lemon
  • 2 yellow of eggs
  • 3 zests of combava
  • 10 cl of water
  • 150 gr of butter
  • Salt
  • wild white Pepper "Bourbon"

Cook the whole bar oiled in a dish in the oven in 180°c during 25 minutes.
Brew the zests of Combava in the 10cl of water beforehand boiled for some minutes.
Withdraw leaves.In a saucepan dilute lemon juice with both yellow of eggs and add the infusion of combava.
Then take up sauce on gentle heat with the butter cut in small pieces.
Salt and add pepper in the wild white pepper "Bourbon".
Serve the grilled bar accompanied with its sauce.

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