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Discover the "Pearls of French Périgord"

In this soil of exception and some high-quality waters, and very limestone what is an important asset, our surprise was total to meet a breeding of sturgeons to produce the caviar of extreme quality "Black Pearl of Périgord ".

The sturgeon "Acipenser baeri" is a variety of sturgeon resulting from lakes of Siberia.

In the 80s, it was introduced and "domesticated" in France. Aquadem masters now perfectly the breeding of this magnificent sort.

In their conditions of breeding the sturgeon can reach 1.5m and weigh 40kg.

This sturgeon lends itself to the production of caviar and is not without calling back, by its taste and aspect, the famous wild caviar "Osetra”.

The smoking is made in a traditional way, during a night, in the wood of beech, as in the traditional way of the salmons smoked in Scandinavia.

The salting is made from "dry salt" and not in "brine".

It is necessary to wait 7 - 9 years to take the "rogue" from females. The manufacturing of the caviar can require until thirteen manipulations.

Eggs are extracted at first from the stomach of the female sturgeon: the "rogue" represents approximately 9 % to 18 % of the mass of the fish. It is sieved, then washed and drained, sorted out according to the firmness, the thickness and the color of eggs, then salted with very pure salts before drying and conditioning.

Finally, after a process of refining of several weeks, simple in its principle but very delicate in its realization, the caviar will become this excellent dish, for meals of exception.

Advice of Consumption
We recommend opening up the limp with caviar 15 in 20 minutes before its tasting.
It is important to keep it at the cool on a bed of crunched is so that the product expresses all its flavours.

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