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Eno - "Plancha Mania"

Plancha Eno

A Plancha is an outdoor lifestyle which owes its success to its capacity of cooking for guests' in large numbers.

Of Spanish origin, it appears in 19th century during the big parties. In this occasion, big patches were put on embers, this allowing cooking side by side a big quantity of vegetables and meats or fishes. Embers were replaced little by little by gas burner and in the 70s; the PLANCHA crosses the French border and becomes established in the Country.

The Burners

Depending on the size of the Plancha, the heat for cooking is provided by one or several gas burners, connected with a flexible pipe (preferably in rustproof stainless steel) to a cylinder of butane or propane gas.

A 60 cm Plancha should provide at least 5000W to be able to heat extensively and quickly. A good Plancha has at least two separately adjustable burners, which allow both optimum heat control and real cooking flexibility.

Cheaper griddles generally have one single H or bar-shaped burner and just one setting knob. With such appliances, setting the right cooking temperature can be quite difficult.

Select circular burner

Here are 3 heat tests coming from our Certigaz-approved standardization lab.
These tests were performed with different burners to compare the results offering the best trade-off between an average hotplate temperature close to 300°C and a lower standard deviation in temperature.

On a stainless steel hotplate with one U-shaped burner, the heat is not evenly distributed and temperature deviations are considerable in the middle of the plate: 89°C. Average temperature: 247°C

On a cast-iron or steel hotplate with circular burners, heat spreads evenly over the whole hotplate. The average temperature is 294 °C and the standard deviation in temperature is much lower: 48°C.


Before switching it on, adjust the screws fitted on the feet at the back of the PLANCHA to find the angle of the hotplate which best suits the recipe you are to prepare: sharply-leaned to evacuate grease, flat to cook in the food’s juices. While cooking, think about emptying the grease collector if this starts to become too full (e.g.: when cooking duck breasts.)

Switch and pre-heat

Turn on the PLANCHA MANIA and leave it to heat up a few minutes on maximum power (the hotplate should be very hot), then lower the flame before adding the food and setting the “plancha to” cook grilled, crispy and delicious meals.
For best results, the PLANCHA needs to be very hot and care should be taken when children are around or in the presence of kitchen utensils unable to withstand high temperature.
Don’t forget that, above the burners; the corners and sides will be cooler, which means that the first items already sealed can be moved away from the centre and left to medium-cook.

Cook and innovate

Thanks to "Plancha Mania", different food can be cooked in a row. By simply pouring on a little water or white vinegar and scraping with a wide spatula, the juice will flow directly into the groove, leaving you ready to start cooking again.
As enamel does not retain smells, a piece of meat or fruit can be cooked immediately after frying shrimps or fish.


Before your Plancha cools down, pour on a little water and scrape the remaining food away with a stainless steel spatula.
As the enamel plate is triple-coated, you may scrape away quite vigorously.
Let it cool down then give it a once-over with a sponge.
Don’t forget that the grease collector can be washed in a dish-washer.
If the hotplate is cold, turn on the gas and warm it up before cleaning.
"Plancha Mania" should look as it did when you first used it.
If your Plancha stays outside, it is advisable to protect it with a cover.

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