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Foie gras in all its states!

France is the first country producer of foie gras.

In 2004, France represented 74 % of worldwide production. 90 % of the 35 000 persons used by this industry domicile in Landes, in Périgord, in Midi-Pyrénées and in Alsace.

In 2007, exports fançaises by foie gras attained 111 millions d 'euros in 17 % progress. The main customers are l 'Espagne, Belgium, Japan and Switzerland.

As regards the method of manufacture, very controversial, birds do not chew their food and have a very elastic gullet which allows them d 'en stock big quantities in l 'oesophage by waiting d 'être digested in l 'estomac. Gooses and ducks intended for the production of foie gras are d 'abord nourished d 'herbe, which hardens regime l 'oesophage, then d 'un on foundation d 'amidon which brings the liver in the middle of its final size. Finally the finishing d 'engraissement comes, during which they plant the food, of the corn principally, in l 'aide d 'un metallic tube in the throat of l 'animal, several times a day.

foie gras comes under several forms defined by legislation:

  • Whole foie gras: maximum two existent pieces of two different livers.
  • Foie gras: assemblage of pieces of different livers.
  • Block of foie gras: cream of mixed foies gras.
  • Block of foie gras with pieces: cream of foie gras with pieces added after sound mixing.
  • Ship's apprentice of foie gras: emulsion of foie gras and d 'un fatty substance.
  • Patty of foie gras: containing at least 50 % of foie gras.
  • Perfect of foie gras: containing 75 % of foie gras at least.

In France, foie gras is in most cases linked to holidays of Christmas and the Day of l 'an. They use it traditionally cold in entrance. Many leaders, but also individuals, work hot foie gras.

Lorsqu 'il s 'agit d 'un whole foie gras it savours with a knife and a fork.

It is most often accompanied d 'un liqueur-like wine, certain wines d 'Alsace or from Gers adapt perfectly with it put.

The gastronomy House in a blow of heart for Jurançon (wine préferé d 'Henri IV) and the Slope of the track (Wine of Loire)

animal husbandry fatty palmipeds: tradition, passion and know-how

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