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In 2010, The family home Tarreiras-Bonjean creates the knife EVERCUT.

More an innovation, EVERCUT technology is a true revolution, c 'est the fruit of 5 research years and made l 'objet of numerous international brevets.

Fusion by laser of carbides of titanium on l 'arête sharp d 'une steel blade is an unpublished technique: he allows finally d 'associer resistance and suppleness of l 'acier in a sharp side d 'un extreme hardness, and to conceive the best blade in the world this day.

The life d 'une blade and its quality of cup measure to a strict and normalized technique: tests, accomplished by the independent laboratory Catra show EVERCUT objectively pulverize all worldwide recors.

The quality of the cup, the dimension of the blade and its ergonomics allow to cut up all fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, but also to move aside, slice thinly, raise nets and more still.

Blades EVERCUT do not require d 'aiguisage.

Knives EVERCUT are compatible with l 'usage of wash dinnerware.

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