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Lexicon of the knife


The silk

Extension of the blade s 'insérant in the handle according to 2 types of mountain, in ferrule or in rivets.

The Ferrule

put between the blade and the handle, it often serves d 'habillage. Taken up to ferrule, the silk is imprisoned and glued together on cement cutler in the handle. Taken up to rivets, the silk is supported between two " clinched quotations " which form the handle.

The Mitre

Other room which can be put between the blade and the handle. It is then either massive (forged, moulded or welded) and contributes by its weight to balance the scales between the blade and the handle, or hollow, constituted by two parties welded or fixed by a rivet and returned quasi invisible by polishing.

The Blade

Its characteristics are defined by l 'utilisation of the knife. Rigid or flexible, narrow or broad, smooth or notched, steel stainless or " in carbon ", cut up or forged, with or without mitre...

The Handle

Inserted in heat or is cold, taken up with wooden sides or in plastics, injected, fixed to the silk by rivets traversants, moulded directly on the silk with or without rivet
Everything depends on your tastes, of l 'utilisation and of l 'ergonomie wished.

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