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Home > Technical sheet > Morels and Cepes : Advises and Preparation

Morels and Cepes : Advises and Preparation


  • Morels to Count between 5 and 6 gr of morel per person for a nice accompaniment,
  • Cepes flat 8 - 15 gr per person


  • Place according to the importance of the dish, in a bowl with Luke warm water 20 min.
  • The quality is such as there will be almost no residue or sand, only one single water of soaking is necessary.
  • Indeed reserve the water of soaking to deglaze a dish or cook a risotto!!
  • As other mushrooms, cepes and morels do not like the too lively cooking’s.
  • once taken out of their water of soaking, to place on absorbing paper to remove the surplus of water.
  • Make them gild, over a low heat, in a knob of butter, and then use them over and over again.


  • Ideal for your fresh pasta, potatoes, risottos, fondues and meats.

Small craftiness

  • Add them at the last minute on your omelette; they will so preserve their smooth texture
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