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Scandinivian Products

Origin “Salmo Salar”.

The well known Norwegian salmon are grown in the cold, clear fjords along the 21 000 km long coast line.

Norwegian salmon have optimal growth conditions and a quality that have made them world famous.

Salmon’s characteristic colour of the meat and mirror bright finish is a sure sign of very high raw material quality.

The salmon is grown in giant salt water cages that are placed in the fjords. Here the fish have shelter, from the thousands of islands and cliffs, along with tempered water from the Golf Stream that travels up along the Norwegian coast. Salmon production in Norway is under particularly strict control and quality requirements. Ocean usage is practiced with the highest possible regards for nature.

There are many good reasons to eat salmon. An important factor is the fantastic taste along with countless application possibilities. Even more important is salmons’ high content of vital nutrients. This applies for example to Vitamin D, iodine and selenium. Selenium strengthens our immune defence system and iodine stimulates metabolism. Salmon contains also just as important “Omega 3” fatty acid (this is a term used for fish oils) that, among other things, reduce the risk for coronary problems.

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