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spanish wines offer


Campobarro white 2010

wine variety : Pardina 100 % - Alcohol : 12,5%

Comments :

EYE : It is a bright-looking wine, starw coloured with light green overtones.

NOSE :  Its nose is quite intense, clear and clean, with ripe fruit aromas ( grapefruit ) and touches of floral aromas.

MOUTH : It has a light, round and long taste, with a well-integrted acidity. Aromas of ripe fruit stand out in the aftertaste.

Wines and food combinations : fishes, sea food, shells, also great to taste for appetizers.

best to be served around 10 C. degrees


Campobarro red "Crianza" 2008

wine variety : Tempranillo 100 % - Alcohol : 13,5%

Comments :

EYE : It is ruby-red colour, of medium-high intensity

NOSE : We can find the fruity aromas of the "tempranillo" variety in this wine, togethert with a touch of spices, such as cinnamon.

MOUTH : It has a smooth taste with little tannins due to the long time it spends in th ebottle, with a moderate acidity. It is very light and tasty, and leaves us a very persistent vanilla and full aftertaste.

Food and wines combinations : white meat and poultry, grilled red meat.



Campobarro red "Reserva" 2005

wine variety : Tempranillo 100 % - Alcohol : 13,5%

Comments : 

EYE : brown red coloured wine with redish tones of medium intensity

NOSE : Powerful nose. Clean torrefacts and vanilla aromas. It presents balmy suggestive touches.

MOUTH : It is soft with well integrated tannins and well-balanced acidity. It leaves a long, delightful aftertaste.

Reserva will give more "velvet" feeling during testing. It is kept 6 months longer in oak barrels.

Food and wines combinations : game, grilled or plancha red meats. Blue cheeses.

keep in cellar for 2 to 5 years.

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