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The "Black Truffle"


Cook the truffle the least possible

Avoid too strong seasonings (mustard, vinegar)

The marriage of the truffle is always best with neutral dishes (potato, fresh pastas, and eggs)

Also watch to prepare your sauces at least 12 hours before serving them (and the warm them up at the last moment)

The olive oil and fresh cream accompany truffles advantageously


Methods of preservation and use (even frozen)

When receiving your order, open the vacuum bag and wipe them carefully.

If you do not consume them that very day, keep them in the cold (4°C in one limp hermetic, surrounded with absorbing paper, for a maximum of a week. But know that the longer you will keep them for the cool in your fridge, more quickly the gustatory qualities will ease.

If you are certain to use them in 5 days, then do not hesitate to place them at the cool in one limp hermetic with fresh eggs. So within 48 hours your eggs will have taken the aroma of the truffle and you can realize your scrambled eggs by adding (optional) some fine slices of the truffle, obtained with our "truffle mandolin" in our offer by The Gastronomie House.

You can also freeze truffles during six months maximum. For that purpose, clean truffles with a small brush (ideal with a toothbrush), then wrap them in the aluminum foil. Lock them then into a hermetic box or equivalent.

The freezing is the best solution to keep your truffles and the aroma of the truffle in a constant way as if it’s fresh.

Our advice: when you need truffle, and when you don’t want to use all but only a part of a frozen truffle, then do not defrost it, but instead you can easily "rapper" the truffle still frozen by means of a mandolin (to see the mandolin with truffle which we propose to you – look at the photo below).

You can replace simply the rest of the truffle not "rapped» in your freezer, in its sheet of aluminium and in its box (this is preferable to avoid the transfers of the particular odour of the truffles).

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