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The PLANCHA, healthy and dietary


The Plancha cooking is relaxing and festive.

The cooking a la PLANCHA is healthy and dietary:

  • Food is not in direct contact with the flame
  • No formation of carcinogenic amines, and the other benzopyrene...
  • Few fats are necessary...
  • But two attentions must be made: right cooking as in all other cooking’s, and not seasoning...
  • Fresh products, fast cooking, to protect your health.

It is the full-flavoured cuisine which wakes the taste, recipes of the authenticity of food. The “Maillard”, sublimates food... Marinades will be used to express all the personality of your cooking.

It is a simple and friendly cooking: better than a Barbecue, without having the defects of it!

  • No embers to be prepared, fewer risks of accident in the ignition
  • Everything can cooked on a la PLANCHA, from starters to the dessert
  • Mastery of the temperatures of cooking
  • Possibility of enchaining the cooking’s one after the other, just after having deglazed.

Small advice
A lot of preparations can be prepared before cooking on the Plancha (marinade, preparation of vegetables, etc.) to limit the stress of the hosts while receiving their guests

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