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Home > Technical sheet > The vanilla "Bourbon" of Madagascar

The vanilla "Bourbon" of Madagascar


  • It’s characterized by its rarity because of the successive sorting.
  • It represents 5 % of the production the best years.
  • The top of the range in Vanilla

Vanilla pods will not be only your allies in cooking, but will also allow you to prepare excellent soaked oily or the other bases of massages.

Seeds contained by these pods are also excellent for the development of exfoliating products soft for the face.

The vanilla bourbon of Madagascar is the most aromatic and sweetened, the other origins in particular from Asia have a more bitter smell calling back certain notes of the prune.


  • Wealth in vanillin
  • Scent at the same time fine and powerful
  • Flavour of chocolate
  • Very fat vanilla Japanese type
  • Black colour
  • Easy to split

Rate of humidité

  • 36 in 38 %

Size and Weight of a pod

  • Magnificent size: between 16 and 18 cm, 3 in 4 grams


  • Split the pod lengthwise without separating it
  • Scrape the aromatic seeds; the bark will be used as infusion together with the seeds
  • Crushed after drying or in decoration


  • To avoid that pods dry out, we recommend you to store them in their tube of origin correctly closed shielded from the light and heat.


  • The freezing is recommended because of its high rate of humidity
  • Roll every pod individually in the Clingfilm.
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