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Virgin oils: culinary associations!

Pure walnut oil

It is not useful to praise this exceptional oil; its wealth in unsaturated fatty acids intends it particularly to those who suffer from a high level of hyper cholesterol.

Its strong taste marries it marvelously with bitter raw vegetables (salad of endives, chicories, dandelions) but can also flavor starchy foods such as potatoes, dry beans, lenses...

Pure hazelnut oil

This oil deserves all our praises. It’s delicious and the slightly perfumed taste accompanies all sorts of salads. It’s used like the butter on all kinds of starchy foods, vegetables, fishes, pastas, or cake stores...

Pure grilled sweet almond oil

Soft and perfumed, this oil is particularly used for marinades (ray salmon with dill or basil flavor) or at the end of the cooking on scallops, trout’s, pastas...

Pure grilled Colza oil

Oil was intensified with the taste of cabbages; it is used for the potato salads, beets, shallots and to realize the speciality of “Cervelle de Canuts” (mixture of cottage cheeses, herbs, garlic, salt, and pepper).

Pure pistachio nut oil

This oil is very marked in taste, long in mouth, in the persistent aromas does not support all the vinegars (advised vinegars: balsamic or honey vinegar). 

This oil suits for a thin slice of endives on which rest some shavings of trout’s or smoked salmon, the whole sprayed with vinaigrette (oil of pistachio nuts, balsamic vinegar, salt, peppers and chive).

Salad of green beans with the same sauce. We can serve with the salad of green beans, tepid rounds of lobster jumped in the butter.

Pure grilled Sesame oil

Some drops of this oil are enough to give your salads, like any raw vegetables or cake stores, an oriental touch.

Pure grilled peanut oil

Surprising by its strong flavor of peanuts, it associates very well with salads of tomatoes and numerous receipts with cheese.

Pure pine kernel oil

Oil of light yellow color, its sweetness and its flavor reveals especially the taste of the dishes, by adding at the last moment a line of oil, to emulsify the swimming of shellfishes, diverse sauces (more particularly in the wine) and soups such as minestrone etc. You will find the result surprising!

Oil of hazelnuts and kernels can be warmed up. Other oils are exclusively of use to the seasoning.
It’s recommended to this oil in a cold area and out of light; this will keep all the aroma of this oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

Consumption before twelve months

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