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A Kings meal who goes back up at the time of the Pharaohs!

The processing of the Foie gras : a more than 4500 years ancestral tradition.

The edges of the Nile river being a passage of the migration of the gooses and the ducks, Egyptians decided to observe the behavior of these migratory fowls. They discovered that the gooses, to make " full of energy " and get ready for this long route that is the migration, stuffed themselves with food much more than in the common … They understood gooses and ducks created their "Foie gras" by accumulating the fat, a real "fuel" for their long journey!

The technique was then immortalized, and developed in particular in France during the 18th century with the arrival of the corn in the southwest.Today the Foie gras is one of the "must" of the French gastronomy.

The Foie gras is an integral part of the culinary and cultural heritage of France.

From Thursday 01 November to Wednesday 31 July 2019

"Foie Gras" is magic !

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019

Probably the "must" of the french Gastronomy !

The Foie gras is an integral part of the culinary and cultural heritage of France.



           First Choice Fresh Duck "Foie Gras" deveined vacuum packed 550gr



 Whole Duck "Foie Gras" Semi Cooked 180gr    Whole Duck "Foie Gras" Semi Cooked 350gr



Duck Magret Cooked stuffed "Foie Gras" 400gr           Goose Neck Cooked stuffed "Foie Gras" 350gr



Selection of 5 "Terrines" 120gr each
Duck with figs, Wild Boar with armagnac, Chicken with nuts
Country style, Poultry liver with green pepper


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delivery time : week 50 -> 12th - 16 th december 2011

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Depending on your delivery address and purchase amount.

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019
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