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This Saucisson Guillotine is a creation from Haute Savoyarde.

As we believe in quality and in our regional crafts, we chose to develop and produce this Saucisson Guillotine in France.

Thank you for your support.


A MUST IN THE KITCHEN. Due to its specific slicing qualities, the Saucisson Guillotine can also be used to cut vegetables such as zucchinis, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions and truffles.

Always prepared, the Saucisson Guillotine will quickly become essential in your kitchen.

With its clever "Child Security" feature, this beautiful object may be left wherever you please and ready for use!

From Sunday 01 January to Wednesday 31 July 2019

Discover the first ever " Saucisson Guillotine "

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019

This revolutionary Guillotine will finely slice saucisson with ease.

Available exclusively on our site The Gastronomie House.

Week of delivery: 8 day delivery.

This beautiful wooden object, created by a passionate craftsman in Haute Savoie, will delight you and your guests.


Rate TGH club: 49,50 € - A good price for this craft "Handmade in France".

Delivery terms

Depending on your delivery address and purchase amount.

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019
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