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From the French Pyrenees to Chile

The Gardens of Eini, the focus on the product.

We have discovered two outstanding contacts: a "mushroom illuminated" and a "spices enthusiast"!

Nothing to add, the essential is in the bag or in a glass tube. Transparent, as a case for princess… and of wood!

Let us tempt you to enable you reconsider your references in mushrooms!

Discover outstanding mixtures of spices, presented to you in an original way.

Another beautiful trip which The Gastronomie House proposes you in the country of flavors and in the light of undergrowth!

From Thursday 01 November to Wednesday 31 July 2019

Morels and cepes

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019

The other “hallucinating” season of the mushrooms and our "mixed" spices

Cepes and morels are back for spring, delicious in your dishes! Subtle flavours of the woods, served pickled, dried or as cracks.

It is important to know that 100 grams of deshydrated Cepes or Morels correspond to 1 kilo of fresh mushrooms! Count thus 8 to 10gr for your recipes per guest for dinner .

The Gastronomie House proposes you the best qualities. Take the time to read the advices of use in the data sheet and the recipes forms : The water of soaking serving to rehydrate mushrooms can be 95 % reused for your preparations of sauces: There are almost no residue thus no need of several soakings.


Cepes :




Morels and mushrooms kit :



  The best way to keep your dryed mushrooms is "negative-temperature" : keep them in your freezer and use them at the last minute.

Morel cracks can be stored in a dark place for few months : each tube is containing 14gr of morel cracks.

Sprinkle your dishes at the last minute, in order to keep the best flavour !




Delivery in the week between 12th and 16st November 2012

Delivery terms

Depending on your delivery address and purchase amount.

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019
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