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A real love story!

Automn 2000, during the gastronomy local fair near Lyon "Mer & Vignes".

Among incredible exhibitors from all over France and some european neighbours, we were lucky to meet an extraordinary producer of wild crayfish from the "Andalusia" area in Spain : the largest one in Europe.

We will come back to you, and make you discover these fantastic crayfish, on the occasion of a next 2012 offers.

Not only the tasting was great but also the great wine and food combination : a white wine first, “Campobarro Pardina” with the fresh crayfish salad and also the two red wines, “Barros Crianza and Reserva”, along with the delicious sea food paella !

Since, those wines have seduced a majority of people who discovered it by our mean. Every year, during the autumn period, we share with you this privileged offer.

Recently, the label of « Barros » has changed to “Campobarro”, bringing up more marketing coherence.

Those wines are part of the spanish appellation “Ribera del Guadiana”, in the middle of “Tierra de Barros”, the fantastic Estremadura area, not far from Andalusia : What a dream!

The typical grapes from this part of Spain will bring you new aromas and sensations !

A real discovery! 


From Monday 20 November to Wednesday 31 July 2019

Spanish wine offer

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019

"South Spain invites itself at your table !"

Discover typical Spanish wines, next to Andalousia. Rediscover fabulous wines from "Barros" vineyards !

Origin : Spain area "Extremadura" - "Terra de Barros" - Wine designation "Ribera del Guadiana"

Campobarro White 2011


grape variety : pardina 100 % - Alcool : 12,5% - Recommendations and tips: see our technical sheet.

Campobarro Red ( formal designation "BARROS Red" )


              Crianza 2009                               Reserva 2005

Cépages : Tempranillo 100 %  - Alcool : 13,5% - Recommendations and tips: see our technical sheet.


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Moreover, any club member linked with an Ambassador will get privileged delivery costs conditions.


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Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019
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