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IZQUIERDO family, producer of Iberian ham since 200 years.

Near Salamanque, early in the morning with a sunny and 25 degrees.





Ride of the production with explanations of the different steps and production process. 



After this interesting ride, place to taste!


Interesting advice : Never say "Pata Negra" but "Traditional Iberian Ham".

"Pata Negra" is a breed which includes different types of pigs.

You can savor the ham with grilled bread with just a dash olive oil and put a thin slide of Bellota ham on the top of it.

An amazing experience for us!

From Monday 01 January to Wednesday 31 July 2019

Our famous Ham IBERIQUE "Bellota"- Maison Izquierdo

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019

Discovery trip in Spain, near Salamanque : the other Gastronomic Paradise.

Iberian ham and other surprises ! 

Delivery week : The week of ordering

"JAMON IBERICO" ... viva España !

"Cebo" and "Lomo" with delicate flavours, real tasty and flavoured "Chorizo doux".


All the expertise and the Spanish tradition for the best quality of "Patanegra".





"IZQUIERDO" products are exclusively elaborated from cut hams by cortador masters who learnt the art of cutting. 

Holders are vacuum prepared, you can put it in a cool place or freeze it without any problem. 





"Filet mignon" of "porc fumé" - Lomo of Cebo
Cochon pata negra

Price Club TGH : 11,00€





The real Iberian ham (Pata Negra) Bellota
Free-range pig, it eats what it finds : among other things acorns (Bellotas).
Best quality, the must of the must ! 
Holder of 50gr

Price Club TGH : 15,00 €




Iberian Ham (Pata Negra) Cebo
The pig eats weeds and cereals
Holder 100gr


Price Club TGH : 12,00 €



Real Iberian Chorizo "Bellota" 
The perfect balance with the "pimentón" (sweet paprika)
Holder of 100gr


Price Club TGH : 7,00 €








Whole iberian hams with bones

"100% Bellota"

Free-range pig with a particular flavour because of the special feeding of acorns (Bellota).

Aging 42 months
Weight : 7 to 7,5 kilos

Price Club TGH : 70,00€/kilo ttc
Home delivery



"50% Bellota = CEBO"

Free-range pig and a special feeding of acorns and cereals.

Aging 36 months

Weight : from 7 to 7,5 kilos

Price Club TGH : 41,00€/kilo ttc
Home delivery




Look at the technical forms for more informations.

Delivery terms

Depending on your delivery address and purchase amount.

Place order before : Wednesday 31 July 2019
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