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Aquadem is situated in the heart of “Black Périgord”, their sites are in a protected environment and a magnificent and natural resort.

In this soil of exception and high-quality waters, sturgeons and trout’s develop harmoniously.

Aquadem has already existed for few years and guarantees you a high degree of mastering in the breeding of sturgeons and in the production of caviar.

Leave your eyes and your papillae take some pleasure with their caviar "Black Pearl of Périgord" as well as the trout eggs.

Frédéric VIDAL, agricultural engineer, and all his team strive to spread all their energy to bring up products of very high quality.
The temperature, the purity and the quality of waters allowed our predecessors to bring up trout’s, for more than 50 years.

Now, these last years, the cycles of a well marked climate and our modernized installations, allowed us to introduce quite naturally sturgeons.

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