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During d 'une visit at the end of January, 2012 à Paris sur the living room " Paris of the Leaders ", we made a nice meeting across MISTER GÉGORY MAITRE, founder of the society Cookut.

It made us discover its splendid world d 'ustensiles of kitchen design.

Cookut is a producer of equipment of ceramic baking, knifes ceramics and d 'ustensiles of kitchen design.

Cookut innovates by offering designs coloured with the range baking:

  • fry ceramic
  • wok ceramic
  • casserole ceramic.

Anti-followers, the ceramic frying pans of Cookut are also healthy and environmental, with a surface ceramic guaranteed without any damaging chemical component.

These innovations are not made to the detriment of quality: the heart of their frying pans is fabricated in a traditional manner, in cast iron of aluminium, to assure the best resistance to warmth in time and a quality of optimum baking.

Cookut also offers a complete range of knifes ceramics with a special and lasting sharp side:

  • leader's knifes of blade 15 and 18 cm
  • Japanese knifes with a blade alvéolée of form santoku
  • caskets of knifes ceramics d 'office and leader
  • potato peelers ceramics rights
  • blocks for your knifes ceramics

Cookut allowed us to discover also d 'autres worlds devoted in l 'art of the table in the foible a broad range of new products design:

  • electrical or gravitational pepper mill,
  • mill duo 2 in 1 pepper-and-salt mechanical
  • practical moulds in silicone for the pastry
  • boardwalk to be cut up antibacterial...
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