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Eiriz - Iberian Ham

The journey of this company is that of a family living in the village of Corteconcepción beginning in 1818; the artisans "Eiriz" - for generations united in a tradition of excellence in the production of Iberian Ham and Cold Cuts. Artesanos jamoneros y chacineros Eíriz

In 1816 Domingo Eíriz Dieguez came from Lureiro in Pontevedra, Galicia, to the Rio Tinto mines. At only 16 years of age he was made foreman and by working day and night in the mine he earnt enough money to purchase his first parcels of land two years later in 1818.

In Cala he purchased his first parcel "La cerca del gallego", and later on he purchased the land in Corteconcepción, known then as "El Mato", where the factory stands today.

At this time he began the tradition of breeding Iberian pigs and producing Iberian products that he passed on to his son Vicente Ferrer Eíriz Campos, who in turn passed it on to his son; Domingos´ grandson and namesake, Domingo Eíriz Díaz (Mayor of Corteconcepción in 1936), who accordingly passed the business on to his son (Domingos´ great grandson) Vicente Ferrer Eíriz Falantes and his wife María Auxiliadora Martín Santos, who continues the tradition with her sons - arriving today at Domingos great, great grandsons almost 200 years later.


Our Three Pillars of Quality:

1. Prime Material

100% pure Iberian Pigs - whose fat is deposited below the skin and penetrates into the muscles.

Thanks to their daily exercise, which occurs naturally in the fields, the Iberian pig transforms all it eats into proteins, phosphorous, calcium and iron, polyunsaturated fats (similar to those of olive oil) and Vitamins B1 and B2.


2. Diet

They roam freely, with only one animal per hectare of land, grazing on our own pastures here within the Natural Park of Aracena, completely in the mountains and only on select properties.

The minimum age when slaughtered is 18 months as opposed to the industrial minimum of 6.


3. Curing

We ONLY use sea salt and each piece dries naturally in fresh air and is matured for months.

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