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Fumets des Dombes

Having located in the middle of the region of the ponds of Dombes (25 Km north of Lyons), we have a strong picture of land and gastronomy, acknowledged by the fine gastronomes.

"Fumets des Dombes":

  • A sprawling and culinary range
  • Trouts, Salmons, Saltwater fishes or Pisces d 'eau sweetheart, Carpus of Dombes, Thighs of quails and Duck breast of Duck.
  • A craft and competitive firm
  • Structure in human, provided size d 'une competitive and passionate team, specialized in smoking
  • A will of development reasoned for a total quality control of our products and of our services (health certification HACCP, Certification Biological Production)
  • Specialized in the smoking of fish and fowl, our craft manufacture reconciles traditional know-how and workmanship of food security


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