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Why a new manner of drinking some water?

To hydrate, in a diagram, there is the glass at table, the gourd in mountain and beakers and throwaway bottles for all other needs: office, cinema, secondary school, train,... These other needs are so numerous and in growth that 2 billion beakers are thrown every year and about 7 kilograms of bottles a year and per capita among which 20 % of small and medium formats. An economic so important manna as generated environmental nuisances …

Xavier MOISANT, co-fondateur of Gobilab, with his associates wondered about the alternative to be brought in this wasting by thinking that the throwaway was a yesterday resolution. They noticed réutilisables existent resolutions by wondering why they had not succeeded in evicting (otherwise than in the margin) beakers in firms and bottles in girls' bags. They identified 3 reasons:

  • Design
  • Draft
  • Network

Gourds and réutilisables bottles are in general conceived for the mountain, sports, the full-air. And do not integrate of course with the daily, the office and the city. They pose problems of personalization moreover: how to know to whom belongs which gourd?

Gobi is born by thinking of these 3 stakes at the same time. Innovation domiciles in the combination of the product and its ecosystem. Objective is to provoke a change of mode of consumption, a new manner of drinking some water.

Gobi wants to contribute to the policy of prevention of waste, preference of Ademe in accordance with the orientations of Grenelle and with the European policy of waste. We like to register in the local plans of prevention which establish nowadays local authorities, to contribute to the plans of eco-quarters and eco-cities and especially to give rise to users' community and to a network of vastest partners and varied possible.

Today, it is necessary to succeed in reducing our impacts by inventing inventive and Community resolutions before thinking of recycling or "biodegradable": change rather than correct.

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