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The Beaujolais Oil Works ("Huilerie Beaujolaise")

Since 1984 Jean-Marc Montegoterro selects the best dried fruits to extract the oil from in a completely old traditional way.

Having been created at the beginning of the century, the Beaujolais oil-works ("Huilerie Beaujolaise") has stopped its activity many years ago.

In 1984, Jean-Marc Montegottero reconditioned it and the manufacturing could start again as before, but in the beginning only season wise.

For now 7 years, its activity has become annual and the oils which are extracted are at present known by most of the “Star Chefs” in France and abroad.

Make oil is easy, but Jean-Marc Montegottero chose the difficulty by working only virgin cold-press oils, extracted from the finest selected products.

The selection of dried fruits is very rigorous and the pressure of these requires a hydraulic press with which the material undergoes no heating, contrary to the "continuous" press which warm the oil in a temperature varying between 60 ° and 90 ° C.

This last method is banished in the Beaujolais Oil-works ("Huilerie Beaujolaise") because it harms the quality.

The production of oil is traditionally crafts made with all the care it deserves, just as in the ancient time.

The result is that, each of the obtained oils are very personalized and concurs the taste of all the professionals in the gastronomy world as well as the real gastronomy connoisseurs - a real success!

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