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Le Palais des Thés (The Tea Palace)

At the origin of the “Le Palais des Thés” (The Tea Palace), 25 years ago, about fifty amateurs of tea decide to create their own company.

To guarantee the freshness and the quality of their teas, they decide to buy directly from the scene of the culture.

They go regularly to visit the cultivators, Asian essentially, what will allow them besides to know and to control the working conditions of gatherers, the employed agricultural methods, and the respect for the standards of hygiene and safety... It will also be for them the opportunity to meet men and women who live by the tea production and to discover the wealth of the cultures which inspires this drink.

They also assure a control and quality of teas on the place of the production and to verify the way they are picked, prepared, and conditioned...

This demanding spirit and humanist as well, always livens up their team. All the year around, they go through the world in the search of the best vintages, in the discovery of new teas in rare and delicious flavors.

Their mission first and foremost: Bring the best quality and make share their voyages and experiences, while watching the problems of environment, the work in the plantations, and the equity of fair trade. Concerned of reducing the impact of their activity on the environment, “Le Palais des Thés” made their commitment in 2008 in an eco-responsible general approach. This global approach brings to estimate all the actions of the company, that they concern the practices of its employees, the choice of its suppliers or the habits of their customers …

Since its creation, thanks to a constant presence on the ground, “Le Palais des Thés” places in the front the questions of environment. Worried of encouraging the development of the organic farming in the plantations of teas, their team acts at the same time by making sensitive farmers and planters in these questions, by verifying and by checking that the employed methods are appropriate, and by favoring certified teas (since they fill in their quality criteria).

“Le Palais des Thés” has the will to communicate its passion and to make know the gastronomic wealth of the tea, which was ignored for such a long time in West.

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