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Oleoestepa España

Welcome to Oleoestepa, an extra virgin olive oil production...

Oleoestepa was founded as a second-order co-operative in 1986. From the very beginning, its activity is focused on bottling and marketing extra virgin olive oils produced by 16 oil mills associated to the group and in charge of the oil production. Within this sector, the co-operative concentrates on high-quality olive oils, specialising in Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Oleoestepa became the entity which obtained most prices in the prestigious international competition "Mario Solinas 2008"

The prices “Mario Solinas” are awarded every year by the Council “Oléicole International”, what allows to consider them as the quality the most important recognition for extra virgin olive oils.

During the edition 2008 of this competition, Oleoestepa S.C.A. obtained various prices which consolidate the position of its extra virgin olive oils among the leading products in the world.
The prices granted from the mills associated with the oil partners of Oleoestepa and possessing the label of origin “D.O. Estepa” was the following:

  • 2nd Price Intense Mature - Category in the Olive grove of Pedrera S.C.A.
  • 2nd Price Intense Mature - Category to Arbequisur S.C.A.
  • 3rd Price intense Green - Category to The “Inmaculada Concepción” S.C.A.

Diploma of Honor in the intense Mature - Category to “Nuestra Señora” de Los Llanos Inc.

The recognition of the Council “Oléicole International” to extra virgin olive oils of the country of “Estepa” and “Puente Geni”l represents the final touch of the campaign in which oil of Controlled Origin Label Estepa was appointed as the best of Seville by the provincial “Council of Seville”, and situated among the best in Spain by the Ministry of the Environment, the rural Environment and the maritime Environment and, at the moment, among the leading in the world.

It is necessary to underline that the policy of the entities prize-winners and of all those who are associated with Oleoestepa is to obtain constantly an optimal quality of Extra virgin olive oils, so that the consumer has the opportunity to taste quality oil equal to that presented in the national and international competitions.


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