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Producers of "Black Truffles"

Our producing partner “tests" every truffle to verify and to acknowledge the perfect quality: the color and the texture (no ice-cold truffle for example).

It is necessary to wait about fifteen years before the plantations of oak truffle produces. The production is very variable from one year to another because of the weather conditions (rain in the summer and frost of truffles in the ground with the rigorous winters).

The flavor of the "winter truffle”, "Melanosporum" is irresistible and very powerful in taste.

Flavors may vary according to the soil of origin.

Stony soil confers powerful aromas especially from in the middle of January where the truffle reaches its full maturity.
The Gastronomie House bases the selection on 3 criteria’s of excellence:

1 - The choice of the most beautiful of truffles: the "Black Diamond", the "Melanosporum": for these impressive olfactory and gustatory qualities at this time of the year particularly.

2 - The selection of a producer recognized by his peers and by his customers and selected gastronomy restaurant owners.

3 - The requirement of a rank of irreproachable quality. The guarantee of a calibrated, brushed truffle and knife tested.

The Gastronomie House really wishes to guarantee you an exceptional quality.

The price rate of the Black Truffle is variable and fixed by the producers each end of the week, according to the quantity and to the quality collected and also depending on the demand and the supply.

The Gastronomie House guarantees you the prices during the whole promotion period.

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