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Ramajo House

Foie gras and Stemming Products

For more than 35 years Juliette and Jacques Ramajo have the passion of foie gras, they were the first in s 'implanter in the region from Gers to France in the middle of Gasgone.

Since the beginning, the respect for quality is their credo because deliberately they manage the complete cycle of production: naisseurs in small gooses and stockbreeders of young ducks jusqu 'à the transformation of the product in l 'ancienne without any additive.

The logic of the Home Ramajo " Why to spoil good natural products with industrial methods? "

The Home Ramajo declines group of preparations d 'oies and duck, and good on, whole foie gras and at the mi - cooked.

A new generation takes over, Miraine and Pierre - Mary s 'occupe of the cannery jusqu 'à marketing while Sebastian manages the farm or are raised and force-fed gooses and ducks.

Their commitment is to keep know-how and quality which make the reputation of the Home Ramajo.


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