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SCV "Les Vignerons de Grimaud"

Cellars and wine domains of Grimaud


Founded in 1932, it regroups 220 followers.

The zone of production is 760 hectares located exclusively in the gulf of saint Tropez.

The Land is on a sablo-loamy soil.

grape harvests are performed according to places d 'une manner traditional or mechanical.

Provided d 'une structure of production and conditioning of bottles of the most modern, "les Vignerons de Grimaud" introduce in their vaults a nice palette of vatfuls which honour this renowned vineyard worldwide:

  • Prestige of the Knights
  • Vatful of Gulf of Saint-Tropez
  • countess de Bonvallon
  • Fermented Port-Grimaud
  • marquis des Vallats
  • Natural Mother
  • High Donjon

We offer you to discover their vatful of l 'été: GRAPE VARIETY " GRIS " in bottle or 5-litre BIB.
The wine production of this grape variety s 'effectue on foundation temperature.

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