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The Gardens of Eini

After three years of research and preparation, Arnaud Marcillac creates in 2008 "The Gardens of Eini", the symbol of flavourful and refined art of cooking. A beautiful space, at once sober and refined completely dedicated to mushrooms.

Arnaud Marcillac chose the region of “the Lot”, and “Autoire” in particular, by love of the region and the majesty of the site.

His passion of mushrooms, from their ceuillette to the kitchen, this last passion once caught him from the adolescence.

During our last visit of this place, what attracted us was the aspect and presentation; the mushrooms were simply exposes in jars or in transparent bags. Nothing special, dried cepes and morels, they are exposed in transparent bags raw nature and ready and ready for use, not very flattering to the development of the product, especially if you are addict of nice presentation and packaging as it is in our case.

Then our glance leaves these bags and crosses the glance of the 'Founder' as it qualifies itself, and once the conversation started, here we are went by passion for a “hallucinating trip” (cepes and morels have never been considered hallucinogenic mushrooms!). You discover with Arnaud Marcillac his initiatory route from the adolescence, and what he made starting with a job in the atomic chemistry and the risks of everyday life made him change to the universe of the mushrooms.

Then for cepes Arnaud Marcillac will say to you that he recognize only one and a single origin: The French Pyrenees. For morels, it is necessary to go to look for them in Chile in the region of Patagonia.

Especially Arnaud Marcillac will speak to you about quality; you will have no problem to recognize that the aromas are typical and reflects the scents of visited wood. He will also make you notice with pride that his bags contain several thousand mushrooms and by kilos without the slightest dust of mushrooms.

This collection of the absolute in the basic product is completely justified by the use and by the way Arnaud Marcillac puts into beautiful music in his craftwork.

If you enjoy the contents you will consider no more in the same way your references crossed in mushrooms!!
It is at present the only activity dealing with the mushroom and with its settlements registered on the catalog of the restaurant owners of France. To enjoy the contents of these magnificent small jars, it is to push aside all the knowledge on mushrooms and way of cooking them.

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