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Welcome to the first online European Gastronomy Club, offering its members exclusive and refined food products, wines, tableware and services.

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2011 promises to be an auspicious year for French gastronomy !

In November 2010, UNESCO officially added FrDear Gastronomy Enthusiasts everywhere,

       In January 2011, Lyon hosted the “Bocuse d’Or” competition, the culinary industry’s equivalent of a world championship, where Denmark won the gold medal. These events have conspired to prompt three friends, one Dane and two French, all unified by a single passion, to launch the first online European Gastronomy Club.
       Share with friends the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering the exquisite tastes of the world’s luxurious delicacies.
Find in France, in Europe or elsewhere, culinary products of uncommon quality, whether by virtue of their exceptional taste, their unconventional ingredients, their unique origins or their rare production methods, now to be offered to a burgeoning online network of epicures.
Numerous customers have already tried our distinctive offerings, including selections of fine wines from France and elsewhere, select smoked salmon from Norway, farmed morels of Patagonia, and fresh foie gras from southwest France.
       With the establishment of this Club, now officially dubbed The Gastronomie House, the taste of Excellence, we commit ourselves to providing Guest Members extraordinary products and services from the world of gastronomy.

The Gastronomie House


Our Mission

-    Offer Guest Members unique and seasonal products in a timely manner, according to @calendar of gastronomy events.
-    Select products with the utmost attention to taste and uncompromising quality, while ensuring that producers conform to sustainable and ecological practices.
-    Create a true partnership of excellence with producers by embracing their traditions, understanding their production conditions and anticipating the potential impacts of climate variability.
-    Challenge ourselves to relentlessly discover and authenticate products having the best possible value for Guest Members.
-    Ensure a direct and seamless supply chain from the farms of producers to the homes of Guest Members
-    Offer personalized services for Guest Members, including the monitoring of monthly budgets, the coordination of cooking workshops and wine tasting, and the procurement of complementary kitchen accessories and table decorations.


Our promise

-    We guarantee genuine gastronomic products and quality services in a sustainable partnership among our producers, our Guest Members and our global environment.
-    The Taste of Excellence will be reflected in every facet of our business.


Maxence Balas

World citizen speaks several languages due to his family, student and professional destiny. He has worked more than 20 years in the textile world, indoor decoration, and ready to wear accessories.

He’s developed a rare sensibility of refined world cooking and gastronomy that he likes to share with his numerous friends and acquaintances. Founder of “Capital Vin” a concept of optimising purchase of wine via internet.

His passion: refined cooking where he’s always looking for the ingredients which fit the best to give the “final touch” to a dish.

Cédric Fauchille

A French paradox/mixture: He’s “Ch’ti (people from the Lille region in the northern part of France) by his parents, “Gaulois” (very French!) yes but very open minded towards people and the big world around him.

Director, his career has been spent entirely in computer business in assisting companies with their IT solutions.

His passion: Organization, discovering people and sharing refined cooking with his friends; he’s always on the move.