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Home > Recipes and Tips > Terrine of Foie gras

Terrine of Foie gras

For 8-10 persons

Time of preparation: 15 minutes


  • One Fresh Duck “Foie Gras” of 550 gr approximately (best without of veins)
  • 1 average Terrine
  • Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg
  • Porto, Rum, Cognac, Armagnac, your choice!
  • Options: black truffle 20 gr or Figs 50 gr


  • Soak the liver in a mixture of water and milk to put it in temperature.
  • Separate the 2 lobes
  • Flavour: Mix Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg on beforehand
  • Add the mixture around the “Foie Gras” before re-forming the liver
  • Truffles to be arranged in small pieces
  • Figs beforehand fried/cocked
  • Recompose the liver with the 2 lobes
  • Alcohol Cognac or Armagnac or Rum or Porto (it’s your choice but don’t mix!)
  • Put in a little of the one of the chosen alcohols in the bottom
  • Fill the terrine by compressing very tightly
  • Put in the rest of the chosen alcohol on the top
  • Pepper in the mill
  • Preheat oven to 90 ° C
  • Prepare the bath marries with boiling water
  • Put in the oven the terrine in its bath in the hanging oven 90 minutes
  • Take out terrine and let it cool in room temperature
  • Place the terrine in fridge at least 48 hours before serving it, but even better after 4 days
  • It is possible to preserve it for 6 days maximum.
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